Premiere League Undisturbed by New Lockdown

Premiere League  Premiere League Undisturbed by New Lockdown Premiere LeagueWith the rising of tiers across the country in the UK, and the news of an announcement from PM Boris Johnson looming yesterday, many sporting fans were nervous that another national lockdown was on the way. And with that the cancellation or postponement of many scheduled matches could be on the cards, repeating as a bad nightmare and a reminder of what had first happened early in 2020.

Fortunately, the fears were unfounded and cancellations are not to be the case – whilst there will be a national lockdown in the UK, it was also announced that professional sporting events within the country will be able to continue behind closed doors without disruption but there are some exceptions to this.

The women’s FA cup, for example, has been listed among the non-elite competitions that will be unable to continue, along with many of the lower national leagues, but for those still looking to enjoy premiership football and other sporting events such as rugby, there won’t be any change here.

Although there is a notable exception for the Championship, despite still being allowed to continue playing, chief executive David Bottomley has stated that he believes it may be inevitable that championship games will have to be put on hold and temporarily suspend fixtures for the EFL because of the rising coronavirus cases – seven had already been cancelled last week with 52 in total this season having been cancelled or postponed.

Fans of the premiership will have to be prepared for the same to happen too, however, as four games this season have already been cancelled due to rising COVID cases and others may still face the same fate too, for now.

However, this does mean that favourite pastimes such as betting at the best betting sites on will still be available, and many of the existing fixtures already have odds and are ready for play so long as there are no future disruptions that could have an impact.

The current lockdown measures will be re-addressed in February where it will become clear whether stricter measures are needed or whether existing measures can be loosened.

If it is determined that stricter measures are essential however then it may become essential for premier league football to come to a standstill once again – enjoy the current fixtures and the remaining games to be played for now, as in a few weeks there is still the possibility that a longer break for football, and all professional sports from the UK will follow.

With other European countries having the same issues with the ongoing pandemic too, it may be possible that other big European leagues also place cancellations for player protection.



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